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Searching for the maximum excitement? Set down that cell phone and say goodbye to reruns on TV because now, you can get your own blood pumping adventure! There is not even an experience in this world that compares to the thrill you'll get leaping from an airplane during your parachuting adventure.

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Skydiving Types

No doubt you've fallen for skydiving, but did you know there are other types of aerial travel that are just as amazing? The world has plenty of adrenaline-pumping prospects that involve free-falling, floating or soaring over the Earth.

Let our skydiving specialists show you where to go for your next aerial adventure.

Look at the following selection for an idea of the sub-fields available for you to try.

Surf's Up!

Alright, so the wind is the water, but where is the surf board at over a mile and a half in the sky? Skysurfing combines the best of both traditional water surfing and professional skateboarding with parachuting, creating an innovative way to experience your upcoming high-flying adventure.

Canopy Swooping

Also referred to as canopy piloting, canopy swooping is almost as exhilarating to watch as it is to literally experience.

Alternate between level flight and a controlled dive to experience the adrenaline of the Earth scooping you up; canopy swooping is among the most intense rushes obtainable to the present day skydiver.

Free Flight

While in free fly, the sky is literally the limit! You can twist and turn, find your fears and defeat them, and after that enjoy the remainder of the trip down under a canopy .

Wingsuit Skydiving

Wingsuit diving is the supreme headrush. Slip on the "squirrel suit" and dive into the wide gap of the sky, only to cheat gravity when you open up your arms and begin soaring through the blue sky.

{Always wished you could fly with the birds? Skydive with a wingsuit and have the wonder of flight. Call us!|Contact us today to book your upcoming skydive!

Why Pick Us?

When it concerns skydiving, providing safety is a primary matter of concern. The activity has become significantly safer throughout the years as companies must follow strict regulations concerning equipment and instruction. Still, picking the "right" provider for your skydiving adventure can be a challenge. You want a provider that ensures a great time while sustaining the highest safety rank available. Pueblo Skydiving is the largest group of parachuting affiliates in the Nation. You will have a fantastic time with our qualified instructors that will supply you with essential tips to help you to accomplish a satisfying skydive jump.


Don't hesitate to call us at Pueblo Skydiving to schedule for an amazing experience. We offer tandem and free fall alternatives for anyone that lives for the thrill, with or without parachuting experience. Your reservation bundle is valid for two years and arrangements could be made to reschedule in case of bad weather. Though we don't offer refunds, we allow our clients to transition the opportunity to someone else.

Our highly skilled instructors will accompany you on your thrilling freefall adventure. Take the jump and contact us today to make your appointment. You definitely will thank yourself later!

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Pueblo Skydiving

At Pueblo Skydiving, we focus on providing new skydivers with a risk-free, exciting and extraordinary skydiving adventure. We'll connect you with a skilled skydiving instructor who will take you from the ground to the air - and back again - giving you a thrilling intro to the addictive sport of freefall skydiving!

Here are a handful of tips that you need to know to prepare for, and have fun with, your 1st skydive:




Jump from 2.6 miles
Freefall for 60 sec

Heart Rate


Jump from 1.8 miles
Freefall for 30 to 35 sec

Heart Rate


You'll get pointed in the right direction to get you started with skydiving services located near you.